CMS Version 9.0.17 Release Notes


CMS version 9.0.17 addresses the 2018 rate changes for USPS. 2018 rates for UPS and FedEx from the previous release are also included.

Release Notes from all previous and more recent versions can be found on our Release Notes page.

IMPORTANT - CMS 8.x or earlier updating to CMS 9.0.17 - Please refer to the 9.0 Release Notes and 9.0 Upgrade Plan for important information and details on upgrading to 9.0 before installing. Please contact us to discuss if you have any questions or concerns.

When to Install - The shipping rates in CMS will be updated when you install the 9.0.17 update. As such, you should plan the installation of your update to coincide with when you want the new rates to be available in CMS.

Whether or not you have the current rates in CMS you can continue to ship properly with any of your CMS shipping integrations. In every case, the software that prints the shipping label (e.g. WorldShip™ , Ship Manager®, DAZzle®, ShipRush™, etc.) determines the proper rate for the shipment and thus how you are billed.

Having the current rates in CMS is often just used for reference. Its greatest impact, though, is for companies who charge their customers a shipping and handling fee based on the actual carrier rate (instead of a spending table or other formulas.) If this is how you charge your customers for shipping and handling, you'll want to make sure you have this update installed as soon as you want to start charging your customers based on the new 2017 rates.


- Important information to prepare you for the transition to your new version of CMS.

CMS 9.x to 9.0.17 Updates - If updating from an older version of 9.x to 9.0.8, the update will run quickly and is only necessary on the server.

CMS 8.x or earlier updating to 9.0.17 - Please refer to the 9.0 Release Notes and 9.0 Upgrade Plan for important information and details on upgrading to 9.0 before installing.

CMS 7.x or earlier updating to 9.0.17 - We recommend you update to 8.0.8 before upgrading to 9.x. Please refer to the 8.0 Release Notes for important information and details on upgrading to 8.0 before installing.

MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS – CMS 9.0.17 did not introduce any new system requirements. Our system requirements can be reviewed on our CMS System Requirements wiki page.

Release codes - During the installation of version 9.0.17 you will be asked to enter your 9.0 release code. In most updates this code will be filled in for you automatically. If it is not, please contact us.

Server updates - The initial server update from 9.x to 9.0.17 will run as quickly as most other updates. If, however, you are updating from version 8.x or earlier, this update can take quite a bit longer than normal. Please make sure everyone is out of CMS and database connections terminated before installing (e.g. Worldship, Crystal, etc.)

Workstation updates - Workstation updates are not required for upgrades from 9.x to 9.0.17 unless you are running Windows 8.x. Workstation updates are required on machines running Windows 8.x. Noting that Windows 10 is only supported when running CMS TEN.

End of Life Announcement - Windows VISTA
Microsoft has announced they will no longer provide support or updates for their Vista operating system as of April 11, 2017. After that date Vista will no longer receive security patches which, aside from the obvious security threats, also means that you cannot be PCI compliant.

We have already seen ramifications at client sites running on other unsupported operating systems. For example, PCI is dictating a shift away from using SSL and TLS 1.0 since they are now considered to be insecure methods of connection. As our partners start to follow this dictate they have/will remove support for those older forms of secure connection which Windows XP and Server 2003 cannot support.

Identify which workstations you may have running Vista and make plans to have them upgraded to Windows 7 or 10 before the April 11, 2017 end of life date.

For a complete list of operating systems we support for use with CMS, see our System Requirements wiki article.

PCI Compliance - CMS 9.0 has been successfully validated against the PA-DSS 1.2 specification by Coalfire Systems. Software changes that could affect your compliance are only included in major CMS versions (e.g. 9.0, 10.0) or minor versions (e.g. 9.1, 9.2) and never in releases (e.g. 9.0.5, 9.0.6) or builds (e.g., You can read more about our versioning methodology HERE.

For the latest in PCI compliance, upgrade to CMS TEN which has been validated against the PA-DSS 3.0 specification.

CMS versions 7.x through 10.x are listed on the PCI Council’s list of Validated Payment Applications HERE

Integrations - All integrations will continue to work as they had including CommerceV3, UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager, Endicia/DaZzle, ShipRush, MPS, TransFirst, and


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  1. 2018 USPS Rates

  2. Effective January 21st, 2018 the US Postal Service will have new rates. These rate changes effect both market dominant (mailing services) and competitive (shipping services) classes which, in the past, have often been updated on different schedules.

    You can read more about the rate changes on Endicia's site,, or on the USPS site.

  3. Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Padded Envelope

    We've added support for Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Padded Envelope so you'll have the proper rate in CMS and our integration with Endicia/Dazzle will print the appropriate labels.
  4. Bug Fixes and modifications


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Address Validation - County fix below was causing the Validate button not to turn green - Dev-1171

Address Validation - The new ELS address validation integration was not properly setting the County field. ELS does not return a county in their results so we are using CMS's internal database of city/state/zip data that we obtain from USPS which includes the county - Dev-1163

Address Validation - The new ELS address validation integration was not properly setting the residential delivery indicator (RDI) - Dev-1161

Address Validation - Completed the transition to Endicia Label Server (from Dial-a-Zip) - Dev-1141

USPS - 2018 USPS rates - Dev-792

Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Padded Envelope - Dev-792

UPS - Updated rates and surcharges corresponding to change effective Dec 24th, 2018 - Dev-804

FedEx - Updated rates and surcharges corresponding to change effective Dec 31st, 2018 - Dev-835

Verify Imports - New safegaurd to prevent double-clicking the Verify Next button which could lead to the wrong order being removed from the Verify list once verified - Dev-817

USPS - Regional Rates A and B were displaying the incorrect rates for zones 2-9, off by one zone (+1) - Dev-635

USPS - 2017 Rates and surcharges - Dev-602

Shipping Rates - Rates and surcharges updated for UPS and FedEx - Dev-623

USPS Rates - First Class and Media Mail rate changes for April 10, 2016 - Dev-430

USPS rates to support the January 17, 2016 rate change - Dev-344

Endicia - Changes to the DaZzle integration corresponding to the changes to service level names and the USPS deprecation of some of their shipping options - Dev-344

UPS Rate - Updated rates and surcharges for UPS corresponding to their December 26th, 2015 "2016" rate change - Dev-326

FedEx Rate - Updated rates and surcharges for FedEx corresponding to their January 4th, 2016 rate change - Dev-327

UPS Ground - Fixed missing zones for the generic UPS Ground shipping method (which replaced UPS Residential and UPS Commercial) - Dev-369

Installer - Corrected permissions problem that could occur with CMSLicensing during installation - CMSNINE-6

Installer - Updated InstallAware software to version 19 both to get on current release and to fix a install error referencing insufficient resources available

USPS Rates - Updated First Class, Standard Post, Media Mail, and Parcel Select rates in prep for the May 31st USPS rate change - Dev-132

Endicia - Canadian postal codes are now standardized before passing to Dazzle to meet new requirements - Dev-133

Installer - Fixed error that would occur with new installs (not updates) and test installs - Dev-147

Find Customer - The Find Customer window would re-appear after selecting a customer in Find Customer. Regressive to

Installer - Upgrade to the latest version of the installer software and minor tweaks to the install process - Dev-127 and Dev-125

Order Entry - Tabbing out of the product selection combo box on the Items tab would jump the cursor to the Price field, skipping the Qty field (regressive to 9.0.7) - 45752

Installer - The software we use for installing CMS called Install Aware has been updated to the latest version

Contact Manager - Added option to select Alt_ID or linked billing parent's customer number as option for primary display - Dev-99

Shipping Rates - 2015 shipping rates and accessorial charges updated for UPS and FedEx

Manifest - Dimension fields added to the Manifest. These fields will be passed to Worldship and Dazzle via XML integrations (packages processed from the Manifest)

Staging - Altered the sequence of labels printing from ShipRush so that the packages containing the most items will print first - 37088

Updated Sybase driver to support Windows 8, 8.1, and Server 2012 (workstation updates are required on the machines running CMS on any of those operating systems - 47004

Added values to ship_code_ext in SHIPPERS table to support write-backs from third party shipping systems to our External_Shipping table for USPS shipments - 45792

USPS rate change for Priority Mail classes - 45614

Added support for USPS First Class Flat International - 45894

Updated time zone data for US Territories and Canadian provinces - 45138

ToDo's- Certain ToDo types were automatically being assigned to the System user and now will be assigned to the creator - 41867

Order Entry - Improved order locking - 43159

Order Imports - Simple Imports no longer allow multi-select, only one order source can be selected/imported at a time - 43011

Yahoo Imports - revamped imports from Yahoo stores to better handle the lack of credit card data - 45136

Payments - Canceling refund payments is now possible from Payment Maintenance (limited to refunds of customer credit that are voidable) - 10606

EDC - Payments in the EDC window are now based on Apply Date, instead of Create Date, better facilitating the processing of scheduled payments - 45049

Fulfillment - Error fulfilling a variable kit with a component set as 'does not ship' - 46171

Fulfillment - Fulfillment of variable kit components were not getting a package assignment - 46126

Manifest - Safeguard added to prevent package add/scan during label processing which could result in errors - 45453

Fulfillment - Fulfilling orders with multiple items in a virtual package that did not have the same shipping method as the order's default could result in multiple packages being created, only one of which used the ship method selected on the package - 45101

Order Entry - Ad codes triggering a price category change were not properly defaulting $0.00 items to the selected price category (if the option was enabled) - 44273

Order Entry - Shipping cost calculation for a package could be off when using custom rates which in some cases can go down as the weight increases - 44088

Order Entry - Possible for unallocated items to be created (1 orders, 0 sent, 0 back ordered) when clicking out of the product selection combo without selecting an item first. Such items were being interpreted as future ship items by CMS and visible in the Future Ship section of Fulfillment Manager - 44218

Order Imports - Importing an order for an order source other than the first in the list, and the eCMS module was not being used, would result in the imported order being assigned the first order source - 39467

Order Entry - Increasing a back ordered item's quantity, after the day it was entered, would result in a future ship date being assigned - 42011

Printing - The fulfillment option in Setup for 'Consider POS for printing' has been reworked so it now only applies to Ship-POS' (shippable POS) orders. Non-shippable POS orders are never included in fulfillment printing now - 43123

Products - Error exiting SKU Wizard if you created no SKU's. Several improvements made related to the creation and deletion of SKU's to ensure properly handling and no errors - 39481

Order Entry - Unable to edit the case of the Ship-To address for imported orders if CMS was configured to always display in upper case - 43587

Order Review - When editing an order, if you made changes to package flags (e.g. Signature Required) CMS would not update the order's shipping charge (if based on actual shipping rate). CMS now prompts for a recalculation when exiting the package Labeling screen when editing an order - 43388

Products - Error could occur when creating a new product if you tried to select an eCMS order source before saving the new product - 43127

Order Review - CMS will no longer allow you to set a shipped date for an invoice that is on hold - 42231

Customers - If a saved order is edited and its customer is replaced, CMS will now properly update the corresponding records/links under the History tab of the customer (removing from previous customer and adding to the newly selected customer) - 29115

Purchasing - Items' extended total could be off by a large margin (caused by a fix in for 39140) - 44423

eCMS - Addressed memory management issue exposed by very large product uploads - 44329

eCMS - Improved error handling and messaging in product uploads - 44330

Purchasing - Money totals could be incorrect for purchase orders containing items ordered in 'vendor units' - 39140 - POS orders for customers with email addresses were automatically being sent email receipts regardless of the corresponding setting in CMS>PCI Admin - 43125

ShipRush - Label layout modifications for dry ice language - 43458

Endicia - Corrected the value calculation for international shipments that have items combining into a single line due to shared HTS codes - 42743

Endicia - Added support for their new (optional) USPSTracking element in the Dazzle XML integration, replacing the older DeliveryConfirmation element - 43070

Corrected USPS First Class Letter rate - 43033

2014 USPS rates and related changes - 42564

Email Confirmations - All email confirmations for an order that has an invoice on hold will also be held until all invoices for the order have been released from hold - 42159

Magento - Better handling of product codes with spaces - 42641

Products - CMS could freeze during while creating a new product if you change the product code before saving - 41790

Endicia - Option to suppress sending return address - 42783

Endicia - Prevent combining of customs items that have no HTS code - 39332

Reports - Updated Physical Inventory report to better handle hold until complete and kit allocations - 42297

Order Entry - The Mutliship button has been removed from the tab sequence to prevent users from errantly converting the order to a multiship - 39461

Order Imports - The default fulfill date for imported future ship orders was not being set to the date of the earliest fulfilled item. If items were added during order verify, they would get today's date instead of the earliest item date - 42278

Order Imports - Automated Imports (AIM) was defaulting to using the companies first price category for imported orders that did not specify a price category. It should instead be using the default price category for Order Entry per the Setup option - 42680

UPS Keyed Imports - Modified the External_Shipping table to handle the new UPS Ground shipping method and proper synchronization with Ground methods configured for use (Ground, Residential, and/or Commercial with the primary being Ground if used) - 42702

CMS Licensing Service - Now using hard-coded NHS email account to send notifications to Support when connection problems with the CMS Licensing Service exist - 42825

CMS Release Codes - Modified warning message that appears when the CMS license is about to expire - 42797

Mixed Case - Fixed an issue that could cause the first name to be all caps while leaving the last name in mixed case - 42745

Verify Imports - Order Hold button was initially being incorrectly displayed on the View Invoice screen - 42545

Verify Imports - Added ability to double-click on an order in the Verify Imports grid as an alternative to clicking the Verify button - 42770

CMS Licensing Service installation was not working properly on Windows XP and Server 2003 machines - 42648 - 161

UPS - Updates to 2014 rates, surcharges, and remote area zips - 42392

UPS - Added 2nd Day Saturday service level - 42392

UPS - Added Ground (generic, not hard-coded to residential or commercial) service level - 42683

FedEx - Updates to 2014 rates, surcharges, and remote area zips - 42382

FedEx - Added Freight service levels - 42382

Shipping Costs - Fuel surcharge was not being applied to Saturday delivery or DAS/EDAS surcharges - 42684

Credit Card Voids - Unable to void a captured card on the same day - 42350

Order Review - No change to Shipping Charge after choosing any Accessorial charge option in Package Labeling. Will now prompt for a shipping recalculation when leaving the Labeling options - 41986

Hold Until Complete - Invoice notes entered before fulfillment were being lost on fulfillment - 42570

Magento - Added support for future ship dates (Magento Setup Guide updated with details) - 42527

Magento - Access Violation during upload of size/color product data - 42432

Installer - Removed workstation install option when installing an update on a CMS server - 41341

Order Entry - Past Items fails on a multi-ship order - 35899

Order Entry - Access Violation when adding past items to order - 42363

Magento - When a product SKU fails to upload the product is still marked as complete - 42394

Magento - Improved support for size/color attributes - 42339

Magento - Constraint error when updating size/color products - 42376

Order Entry - If CMS was configured to capitalize all names/addresses as they were entered, orders imported in mixed case could create customer records that had a first name in all caps and a mixed case last name - 38434

Fulfillment - When fulfilling orders it was possible for incorrect packages to be created, either too many packages or packages would have the incorrect weight which would case Best Shipping rules to assign the wrong method - 42278

HUC - Fulfilling an HUC order with the virtual packages option disabled would cause the package to drop from the order - 42272

POS - Setting for default shipping method for POS was not saving - 41438

Multi-ships - Recipient phone numbers were disappearing on save - 42254 - Internal Only

Order Entry - When editing an order you will no longer be able to delete a line item that has been fulfilled on another invoice (e.g. back order or future ship fulfillment.) Such items must instead be returned. Items fulfilled onto the same invoice, as in the case with Hold Until Complete (HUC), can be deleted and this delete will remove both the ordered and fulfilled records for that line item - 42124

Order Entry - Standardized use of Alloc_qty, Cur_sent, and Fulfill_dt in table ITEMSORD to ensure alloc_qty is sent consistent with sent_qty while cur_sent is only maintained on the parent (usually invoice 001) item. This will correct some reporting issues (Physical Inventory report, allocated qty) - 42145

Scheduled Emails - Scheduled emails (previously known as Survey Emails) were being created for customers without email addresses. Having an email address is now a prerequisite, as it has been for order and shipment confirmations emails - 40591

Find Customer - Searching for a customer by phone number would display the same customer multiple times if that phone number had been used multiple time (e.g. billing, mailing, and shipping address). Results on phone searches are now unique by customer number - 24361

Kit Builder - Removing a reserved kit from a batch places the reserved inventory back into stock. This process was also increasing the received qty of the lot it was restocking - 42099

Order Entry - Setup option added to allow order level discounts to be applied to items that also have line item discounts. This setting is found in Setup>Order Entry Options>Money - 33469

Order Entry - Back order confirmation window was coming up multiple times when changing warehouse for a back ordered item - 41445

Order Locking - The Options button on View Invoice in Order Entry will now look for and set order locks, preventing edits from other users while performing the operations in this section - 41520

Exactor - Added configuration for "Nexus States" in CMS Setup>Company. This is used only with tax api integrations (e.g. Exactor). CMS will only submit tax calculation requests for nexus states to the tax service. For non-nexus states, CMS will not require that the Get Tax button be clicked as a condition of order saving - 41517 and 41727

Returns - Added Discount Reversal field to the Order Summary column and added safeguards to ensure proper calculations on complex orders with multiple returns/exchanges - 42033

Unshipped - Orders on any type of Hold are now filtered from the unshipped orders list - 32827

Bad Debt - Can now be set in or out of edit mode and does not require saving after setting when set outside of edit mode - 26196

Bad Debt - Improved display on View Invoice to prevent conflict with other side bar messages - 41521 and 41604

eCMS - For kits that have their own stock (i.e. do not pull from component inventory real time), CMS was uploading the available stock level as if it pulled from components - 35972

eCMS - Kits that pull their stock from components are now being properly flagged for updated stock level uploads when the stock level of any of the components change - 39258

Kits - Products set as "Kit Component Only" were being displayed in Order Entry. Normally this setting should suppress these items from being selectable in Order Entry - 41655 - New option added in PCI Administrator to allow emailed charge receipts for POS orders. For non-POS orders there is a setting in your admin to indicate if you want charge receipts emailed but there is no such option for charges processed through a POS account. The default in CMS is to not send emails but, if you wish to continue to send them, as has been occurring, you can enable this option - 39830

Best Shipping - In instances where CMS recreates the packages for an order (possible after edits or fulfillments) the logic for Best Shipping and the assigning of shipping methods by weight was not being triggered. It will now take place immediately after any repackaging - 42000

Scales - If you were using a scale with the CMS Manifest and then opened the Products screen, where weighing is also an option, an error would be raised since both forms were trying to access the scale at the same time. The Manifest now has priority and the scale will be unavailable in the Products section while the Manifest window is open - 41769

PCI - The routine that runs nightly to enforce your selected data retention policy logic has been enhanced so that a credit card number will only be cleared from the database if it is captured (and matches other criteria such as number of days and if the order is not fully fulfilled.) While unlikely, it was possible for an order to be fulfilled after the data retention policy time period and, if that card was not captured the same day it was fulfilled, it could have been deleted before it was captured - 38808

Variable Kits - When future shipping a variable kit, the date was not being assigned to the kit header or component - 42024

Order Entry - Unable to select the Multi-Ship button on a new order following the save of a multiship order - 41845

Kits - Possible for errors to be raised when attempting to de-allocate a kit that pulls its stock from components. Scenarios include returns with the Restock option and saving as Temp or Proforma without allocation - 39337

MPS - Authorization reversals and the voids of captured transactions were failing due to a change at MPS where they no longer can accept non-alphanumeric characters (CMS has long used a hyphenated order-customer number for invoice and reference numbers.) Removed all non-alphanumeric characters from the invoice/refno fields - 41580

Proformas - Shipping formula calculations based on weight or number of packages was not properly accounting for the order's packages. This also had ramifications on shipping charge calculations for orders that were a mix of stocked and delayed items - 40613

Mail List Exports - CMS was not recognizing edits to the destination file name after the first export in a session - 25203

Exactor - Unable to save a return with no items - 39470

Scheduled Payments - Business days were always being factored, regardless of user setting. Additionally when the scheduler code adjusted for business days, it didn't re-adjust for the next cycle so date-creep could result - 40086

MPS - Increased the size of the ACQREFDATA field in the CHARGEINFO table from 50 to 150 - 41580

Returns - If returning an item to a warehouse other than the one it was sold from, the item was not being properly restocked in the alternate warehouse and was possible for the Sent Qty on the item to be 0 - 40596

Proformas - A proforma that consisted of only dropship or non-inventory items was not prompting for allocation when saving as a completed order causing the Sent Qty to remain at 0 - 41389

Proformas - Addressed problem where packages were not being retained for saved proformas and in some cases were not created when the proforma was saved as a completed order - 40572

Vendors - Added fields for Vendor Notes and Minimum Order Amount - 41378

Staging - Added multi-select capabilities to the shipping method combo box - 40770

eCMS (all) Plug-ins

Magento Plug-in - Added support for gift message (requiring use of the v1 API data) - 41427

Batch Approvals - Added Order Date column to the grid and the ability to column sort. The sort order in this grid controls the sequence in which the charges are processed. Particularly useful when used in combination with the feature in Batch Approvals to limit the number of transactions to process, giving you control over which charges to process and thus release into the next phase of the fulfillment flow. When sorting by order number, charges without an order number (e.g. payments not applied to an order) will always be at the top of the list to ensure they are processed - 41179

Kits - Packages were not being assigned to kits in Order Entry (adding to solution in under ticket 40488) - 41400

POS - IMPORTANT - Point of Sale orders placed using the free POS feature of CMS were not getting set as shipped automatically on save. The solution to this required moving the setting of Default POS Shipmethod from the POS Module tab in Setup to the Point of Sale tab in Order Entry Options. This option must be configured before placing POS orders with or without the POS Module. You must have one or more shipping choices configured to use the service level "Customer Carryout" for the carrier "Other". The Default POS Shipmethod selection box is filtered to only allow customer carryout methods - 40414

Proformas - Proforma orders that consisted exclusively of dropship or non-inventory items would not prompt for allocation on edit and would not set Sent quantities or packages on save. Note: You should answer Yes to this allocation prompt, even if all items are dropship or non-inventory, if your intent is to save the order as Complete in this session - 40613

Order Review - Added a safeguard in Order Entry to disable the Options menu when in Edit mode to ensure that any edits made via Options are not lost - 35087

Order Imports - CMS was not importing an order if it did not have a shipping address - 41314

NCOA - Reverted change implemented in (RT 40781). We were able to get Peachtree to commit to supporting the 589 length return file to ensure compatibility with all versions of CMS. Proper record length should be 589 (587 in their layout report.pdf plus CRLF) and a notes/info field of 22 bytes - 41269

Order Imports>Yahoo - Corrected a file processing problem when importing orders from Yahoo stores - 41278

Help - The updated v9 Help file was not being installed and the v8 Help file was being installed instead - 41186

HUC Payments - CMS will now default payment amounts to $0 for Hold Until Complete orders. This is done by default now since the fulfillment of the HUC order will result in the creation of a single full payment for the entire order. You may still override this and enter any desired amount if you wish to take a down payment on the HUC order. This $0 default applies to all hand entered HUC orders and, for imports, CMS will also automatically reduce the payment amount to $0 for any uncaptured charge card or eCheck payment - 40412

HUC Packaging - When fulfilling a Hold Until Complete (HUC) order, if it was fulfilled on a date later than the date entered, it would place the fulfilled items into a new package when the desired behavior is to allow the items to fulfill into existing packages (provided all other packaging rules are met.) An exception for HUC has been added to the packaging logic which will allow items with different fulfillment dates to add to the same package. In other words, you should have the same packages after an HUC fulfillment as you would have had if all the items had all been available during the initial order creation - 40413

HUC EDC - Payments applied to Hold Until Complete orders are allowed to process in both Batch Approvals and Batch Capture (EDC) sections. HUC orders should normally have a $0 payment (see on the initial save and a full payment is created on fulfillment. You may, however, take a down payment on the HUC order to allow it to be partially or fully paid in advance of the fulfillment. This change will now allow that down payment to fully process - 40412

HUC - Added a safeguard to ensure that the Hold Until Complete flag can only be manually selected on orders with at least one back ordered item - 40053

Packaging - CMS was allowing back ordered items and in-stock items to be placed in the same package for imported orders - 37856

Order Entry - Editing a saved order and changing the size/color for an item was not properly restocking the original SKU or allocate the new SKU. This works as expected pre-save but not for editing a saved order. The ... button which is used to open the Size/Color selection window is now disabled after the order is saved. Edits to SKU's will require removing the original product and adding then adding the new product/SKU to the order to preserve proper inventory control - 40905

Products - Added field to the Inventory tab of Products for Minimum Order (quantity) which will also be displayed in Purchasing on the Items tab - 40383

Purchasing - Added display fields for In Multiples Of and also the new Min Qty field (see above) - 40383

Purchasing - Fixed an error message loop that would occur if you re-selected the same item (on the same line) where it would warn you that the item already existed on the PO (a PO can only have one instance of each SKU) - 40383

Contact Manager>Credits - When attempting to refund a customer credit from the Contact Manager, the Issue Refund button was not enabled for credit card payments unless you entered the refund amount first - 34107

Products - When scrolling in the product list and there was a kit and a product group adjacent to each other it would raise an error "Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset: - 40765

eChecks - eChecks are only processed as a single step transaction (essentially authorized and captured at the same time) so we've made changes to Batch Approvals to all these payments to auth/capture in a single transactions even if the credit card payments are only authorizing - 40992

USPS Priority Mail Express - The US Postal Service has re-branded Express Mail and it is now known as Priority Mail Express. All references in CMS to Express Mail have been renamed to match the new naming convention. This change will not impact the integration with Dazzle but CMS is compatible with the new version of Dazzle should you decide to update it (Endicia calls the new Dazzle version an optional update) - 40670

Order Entry - The Multiship button was disabled for customers that had no first and last name. CMS requires a customer be selected before allowing the order to be converted to a multiship. CMS is now employing the same logic used elsewhere to determine if the basic element of a customer are present which includes contact name or company name and a city - 40953

Scales - Adam brand scales were not returning a weight after the first weight had been received by CMS. We've also added logging of serial scale communications to help troubleshoot future issues. This logging (file name - ScaleDebugLog.txt) can be enabled in Setup>General>Workstation Specific>Scales and Scanners - 40826

eChecks - Added option to unlock merchant account info which is otherwise locked after initial configuration - 40880

POS - Users of the free POS options in CMS (not the POS Module) were unable to edit POS orders after they were saved. They can now be edited the same as non-POS orders. The POS Module will continue to enforce editing controls on POS orders so that they can only be edited the same day they were created - 40438

NCOA - CMS now accepts Peachtree's layout of 590 bytes (up from 589) - 40781

Order Entry - Unable to select Multiship for an order with a new customer - 40750

Order Exports - Extra items ordered lines were being exported for invoices with fulfillments - 40598

Scales - Serial scale taking too long to respond or not responding - 40209

Batch Approvals - The credit card processing option in PCI Admin>Electronic Payments>Options for "Process Only Shipped by Default", which was designed to only default the setting in Batch Captures (EDC), was also defaulting the setting for Batch Approvals - 40724

Batch Approvals - Error opening Batch Approvals if you were only configured for eChecks and not credit card processing - 39631

Order Entry - If you discarded an unsaved order by clicking Retrieve, any items allocated on the order were not restocked - 32541

Gift Notes - Print task for printing gift notes on CMS invoices (not Crystal) was not functioning - 39377

Shipping Charges - Shipping formula element Y (% of products purchased) was not calculating any charge - 40534

Order Entry - Multiship button was disabled if you clicked Edit while on the Items tab - 40505

Order Entry - Multiship button was enabled while not in Edit mode - 40569

Order Entry - Ad code for an order was disappearing if clicking Edit while on the Tracking tab of an order (data was not lost even if re-saved) - 40633

Returns - After returning an item, CMS will now highlight the previous item in the list instead of returning to the top of the list of unreturned items - 40424

Kit Builder - Error when deleting a batch that is not yet applied - 40621

Fulfillment Manager - Column Sorting added to the grids - 34554

Proformas - Packages were not being created when converting proformas to completed orders unless you clicked into the Shipping tab of Order Entry - 39454

Order Imports - CMS is now setting the order level default fulfill (future ship) date based on the item with the earliest fulfillment date. If the order is subsequently edited to add new items, these items will use that order level fulfill date and thus default to fulfilling with one or more of the other items on the order - 38321

Product Groups - Components that were out of stock were not being placed on back order. Also improved how product group parent items interact with their components allowing you to alter the quantity on the parent and it will update the component quantities or deleting the parent can optionally remove the components - 39861, 33234

Order Review - Corrected poor wording in the dialog message that comes up warning you that this order should have a confirmation created but currently does not - 40540

Order Review - Package ID error when saving after converting to a backorder - 40570

Order Entry - Packages were not being assigned to kits - 40488

Order Locking - Batch Approvals and EDC were seeing orders as locked that had payments that were applied to more than one invoice on the order (common in 0.00 payments on -1 and then later applied to the -2 on fulfillment) - 40483

CV3 Plug-in - Reversed a previous work-around implemented to deal with authorization data the CommerceV3 was passing to CMS in the wrong field. This was causing some online authorizations to import without their Transaction ID and would treated as a forced sale when captured - 40428

Order Entry - Error when adding items with size/colors if you did not have the option selected to suppress the display of discontinued items - 40499

Order Entry - Error when attempting to find an item with the description search if you did not have the option selected to suppress the display of discontinued items - 40494

Setup - Removed an extraneous field label in Workstation Specific>Location - 40481

CMS Licensing Service - Corrected issue with workstations not being able to access the licensing service and thus could not launch CMS - 40454

CMS Forms - Added print tasks (aka merge fields for letters) for USERCODE5 and USERCODE6, which represent User Field 3 and User Field 4 in Contact Manager - 40085

Catalog Requests - Fixed sort order in catalog request combo in Todos and Contact Manager to show active catalogs from newest to oldest - 38546

Batch Approvals/Captures - If a processing error is encountered during batch processing of approvals/captures, the order that was locked when the error occurred does not get unlocked - 40429

Purchasing - Error printing CMS PO forms (not Crystal) - 40326

Installer - Modify EULA and added CMS Licensing Service install - 40208

Installer - Error if Licensing service was installed but not running when update was installed - 40405

Installer - Now properly cleaning out mia and programdata (both current and for previous installs) - 37516

Order Entry - Products combo was not sorting items in the expected sequence - 40425

Order Entry - Access Violation would occur when clicking View Invoice in a new order if you had clicked Clear while viewing the -1 invoice of the previously saved order - 40275

Order Entry - When replacing an order's customer, add options for the user to select which address to use (customer's or order's) and warn if the customer retrieved will alter the order's current salesperson or price category - 40261

Order Entry - Using address validation in some cases could have caused the underlying address_id to not get updated properly affecting the shipping address printing on some Crystal forms - 39692

Add support for UPS Mail Innovations shipping method - 39840

External Shipping - Increased size of UPS_SHIPMETHOD field to 50 characters and can now accept write-backs for the new UPS Mail Innovations method - 40245

Batch Approvals - Option to limit number of authorizations was not working - 40214

Order Imports - Payment amount incorrectly adjusted on orders with all delayed items - 40211

Kit Builder - Implemented all related controls and settings - 36087, 40016, 40018, 40106, 40231

Order Entry - Scrolling the products combo box with arrow keys may cause jump to beginning - 37067

Order Imports - Imports were failing to allocate stock - 40204

Order Entry - Improved the efficiency of tax lookups - 39228

Order Entry - Back Order Options - Clear the Back Order All flag automatically when a user selects Fulfill X or Change Amount to X - 37654

Order Entry - Even with arrival date support turned off, CMS was still running the arrival date estimation code - 38311

Installer - CMS v9 update error for converting LineID - 38159

Installer - Zonedays update errors referencing CUSTHIST.NOTES process - 38586

Installer - Correct a condition that could cause a failed line_id to integer update - 38897

Order Entry - Items' status is now properly reverted to PD (pending) when de-allocated - 37985

eCommerce API - Plug-In Option duplicate name allowed in db but restricted in gui - 38252

Setup>Catalogs - Warning added when setting a catalog as inactive

Order Entry - Taxes on return/exchange incorrect when an order level discount is present - 38084

S&H - Implemented S&H formula change for % over to take into account products with their option set as "Exclude from Spending Tables" - 38915

Hold Until Complete (HUC) implemented - 28947, 39955, 39957, 39962, 40056, 40058, 40112

Product Groups - Product Groups on imports were dropping the second instance of a component - 38592

External Shipping - If a shipping integration wrote back a shipping method CMS did not have a match for, CMS was clearing the ship method from the package. Now an update will only take place when a match is made - 39648

External Shipping - Flag needed for residential delivery indicator (RDI) with corresponding logic to act on it - 27633

Batch Approval/Capture screens redesigned to allow for resizing - 40114

Order Entry - Resolved an Access Violation stemming from retrieving a new order while currently viewing a non-001 invoice - 39117

Order Entry - CMS was performing an old-style recipient load from ITEMSORD data prior to doing the newer load from the RECIPIENT_ORDER data - 39742

Order Entry - Optimizations for loading large orders - 39744

Order Entry - Clicking Edit should not change the page/tab - 38955

Order Entry - For editions of CMS that do not support future fulfillment the item level fulfill date has been disabled - 39904, 39905

Order Entry - Implemented Cancel option when going into Multiship mode - 39577

Order Entry - Assorted enhancements to Back Order Options - 39923

Batch Approvals - Regardless of eCheck module existence, the eCheck filter was enabled - 40127

Windows Management - Improve control over nested locking of windows (i.e. a form, button, grid, etc.) to reduce flicker during an internal, multi-step operation - 38887

Magento - Order download db cleanup causing old orders to be downloaded again after 60 days - 40055

Order Imports - Increase robustness of Importing payments by making Payment Import type case-insensitive - 39560

Order Locking - Completed changes needed to support locking in Order Entry - 38347

Products - Error with non_inv item "Could not convert variant of type (String) into type (Boolean) - 40061

Order Exports - Added "Item Ordered: Product Vendor SKU" to available Item Ordered export fields. This field represents the data found in the "Vndr SKU" edit box in Product Setup - 40036

Order Exports - Within the Export Layout window, one of the field radio buttons was called "Calculated". This radio button has been removed - 40021

COGS - itemsord t_cost not being updated consistently when a dropship po is confirmed - 40029

EDC - Restored Pay Name to the EDC grid. It was inadvertently dropped when the EDC was reworked for 38457 - 40073

Order Locking - Backorder and Future ship fulfillments now check for order locks before processing and then set a lock for the duration of the fulfillment - 38410

Product Groups - Unable to delete components from a product group in Setup - 39049

Installation - When a CMS update is applied to an existing installation, the fCOGSForOrder database function gets deleted - 39894

Statements - Option for attaching statements to emails was missing - 39901

Kits - Kits that pull from their own stock were not decrementing inventory - 39797

Order Entry - Removing the purchaser recipient from a multiship order was failing to remove their items - 39696

Order Imports - Now using new internal recipient structure (recipient_id instead of sequence) - 37995

Order Locking - Batch Approvals - 38413

Order Locking - Batch Captures - 38457

Automated Imports Module - Corrected issues with access control - 38671

Windows Management - Included remaining fixes related to nested window locking related to ticket 38815 - 39208

Scales - Added support for Adam brand scale model CPWplus - 38423

Order Review - Item Total on View Invoice was incorrectly based on order quantity and has been reset to use sent quantity - 39645

Order Review - Order Summary was missing the Discount Reversal values which could affect the balance on the Order Summary page - 35203

Order Edits - CMS will refresh the order data when clicking Edit and then set the order lock - 38690

Magento - Custom Magento fields were being cleared before processing - 39651


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